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MTH 3 to 2 Rail Convertible Locos w Proto Sound 3.0

Hi All,


I am a 3-rail person going to 2-rail and want to thank everyone for their posts and insights on converting 3-rail locos to 2-rail. I have learned a lot and was able to put this little search query together to help other newbies like me make the leap.  And going this conversion route seems pretty painless as you build your railroad. 


For those looking for locos from MTH that are designed to be convertible to 2-rail I was able to put together a search string that will bring up all of their available locos that are convertible to 2-rail with Protosound 3.0.  For me Protosound 3.0 is important because I run DCC. If it is not necessary for you, just remove that piece of it from the  search string and it will bring up an even larger list of convertible locos (most likely with PS 2.0 or earlier).


If you copy and insert this search string / address (below) in a new browser window, it will pull up all MTH 3-rail / 2-rail conversion capable locos with Protosound 3.0. 3-2 3-Rail/2-Rail Conversion Capable Proto-Sound 3.0?


I hope you find this helpful.


Have a great holiday season.



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