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Reply to "MTH 3 to 2 Rail Convertible Locos w Proto Sound 3.0"

Originally Posted by newtoO:

@Hudson, there is some good news on the DCS/DCC front.  All of the MTH locos with PS3 have DCC bult in already and they even automatically detect the the signal... AC/DC/DCS/DCC.  That is a major reason I am looking MTH PS3 locos. 




That is very good news about the DCS/DCC switch but are you sure? I have a PS3 locomotive, I admit it is one of the early ones, but it does have the DCS/DCC switch on the bottom of it. Hey, I really hope you are correct about that because that would simplify things greatly.


I look forward to seeing your layout. From your description it sounds like it will be really nice.



Wow 23! That's a lot of conversions. If you can, please post some pics of the finished product.


I know there were some threads about converting to fixed pilots on the 3RS forum but I am very interested in your way of doing it because you are working on MTH engines. That would be very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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