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Reply to "MTH 3 to 2 Rail Convertible Locos w Proto Sound 3.0"

Originally Posted by Bill McBride:

@Jeff: The drop in wheel sets sound great. I can work with the pilot. How hard is it to remove the lobster-claw couplers from the truck-pilot assembly? Is it screws or does it require some metal cutting with a Dremel?


BTW the part # for the 4-axle trucks is MTH part 20-89008 and its features are listed by MTH as:


  • (4) Scale Wheel Wheel Sets
  • Insulated Axles
  • All-Metal Wheels & Axles
  • Fully Assembled, Ready-to-Drop-In

Bill, I am looking at my MTH catalog right now and no offense but that is not the correct part number for a 4-Wheel Truck Scale Wheel kit, The correct part number is 20-89005. I recently put in an order at my LHS for the 20-89005 kit and after seeing your post I thought I ordered the wrong kit.


The 20-89008 is a 4-Wheel Truck Hi-Rail Wheel kit. These are the wheels that would come with a locomotive that has moving pilots.


Jeff, your conversions look awesome. There doesn't seem to be a lick of difference between your conversions and the factory MTH installation. Can't wait for the how-to!

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