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Reply to "MTH 50-1038 - DCS Remote Control"

My LHS has the thumbwheel and cradle


it seems the real issue is the reader that the Thumbwheel connects to. 

Imagine if the designers had not tried to make the thumbwheel an “all around cowboy” and let us just be a scrolling-speed adjusting wheel-and put a select push button on the side of the remote. 

Perhaps they wouldn’t have been such a pain in the caboose. 

I was fortunate that shortly after I got my DCS, I heard of the troubles with the thumbwheel and I bought one complete assembly for future use. 
If only I could have gotten the reader also😁

My LHS still had 5 remotes when I bought mine, last week. 

Since I lucked into a second DCS TIU System-I’m considering buying another remote, to keep as a backup, so I’ll have one for each system. 

I do like the WI-FI smart device app

but, there’s something about using the actual remote that is as pleasing as it is familiar. 

If anyone wants to get a remote while they’re in stock, I’d be happy to pick it up and ship it-for a donation to my favorite train fund😁

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