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Reply to "MTH/Atlas announcement"

@Derailed10o posted:

I haven't heard the news. Your saying Atlas has bought MTH? Interesting. Sure would be nice to see some new 2 rail products. GP40-2 tops my list. To even offer past products again would be a plus for the consumer. Hope it can happen.

John Corege

This is what MTH sent out to the general public:

March 17, 2021 - M.T.H. Electric Trains has announced that it has sold a selection of its Premier O Scale molds to Atlas as part of its continued divestiture of tooling assets in light of M.T.H. President Mike Wolf's retirement later this year.

The selection of models includes diesel locomotives, freight cars, and passenger cars from the Premier line. In addition, a number of O Scale accessories from the RailKing lineup are included. Like the January 2021 Scale Trains tooling purchase of M.T.H.'s HO and S Gauge lineups, the Atlas purchase is only for the tools and molds of the selected items.

Since the announcement last Spring that M.T.H. President Mike Wolf would be retiring and closing down M.T.H., Atlas becomes the second model railroading company to purchase some of the vast tooling assets M.T.H. developed over the past 41 years. According to Wolf, "Atlas' longtime presence in the model railroading marketplace makes them a great place for these exciting models to now call home. Their decision to continue producing locomotives with Proto-Sound 3.0 makes Atlas a great destination for M.T.H. fans who've long appreciated the value found in these models."

A few of the models included in the sale were previously promoted under the M.T.H. brand in either uncataloged announcements or the 2020 O Gauge catalogs but have yet to arrive on retailer shelves. Those models will still be produced in M.T.H. branded packaging and will be supported, like all previous M.T.H. releases, by the M.T.H. Authorized Service Center network.

To see a full list of the tools and molds Atlas has purchased, go HERE.

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