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Scott did you make the houses too?? Terrific idea!

Most of the houses came from Kohls. I cleaned them out on these ugly tinplate houses on-line.

Right now Ollies has these. They do open in the back, but they don't look bad after paint. They are only $4.99



My tinplate layout is apart of the Roanoke Valley Model Railroad. That means I don't own what's on the layout. I have a $100.00 limit on what I can spend without a club vote. Try to explain to a bunch of HO, N-Scale guys why you want $400.00 for a Power Station. You get the idea, so I had to get creative with my buildings. Actually, it gives the layout a unique look. After buying a bunch of buildings I tried to figure out what colors to paint them and it occurred to me to paint each building as tribute to a classic or modern tinplate set.
     When I approached the club and told them I wanted to build a multi-gauge Standard and O-Gauge Tinplate layout. None them had even heard of Standard Gauge.
     There are some smaller black and white buildings on sale at Target for $5.00. I even picked up one yesterday that is almost all large windows that will become a tinplate green house. You can match your paint at a Home Depot and get a semi-gloss sample for $5.00. They are cheap way to populate your layout.

Scott Smith


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