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MTH Batteries

Afternoon fellow members:

I have been following the various threads about batteries in the MTH Railking locos, and this got me thinking.......I have recently purchased a few "new old stock" Railking diesel locos in road names that I like from sellers in the USA, and pulled the body off a CSX loco out of curiosity to investigate the battery situation.

All of my recently purchased Railking locos (PS1 & PS2 - no PS3 locos yet) have been running well, with the sounds etc working as they should, but I was struggling to get the "squealing brake" feature to work on one of them, and resetting didn't seem to fix anything.

Anyhow, when I pulled the shell of the CSX I discovered the battery was "white" in colour, and I remember reading a recent thread where it stated this type of battery should be immediately removed and replaced, as it may "scramble" the circuit board for good.

I have attached some photos of the CSX loco, its box, and the exposed battery. Should I replace this battery with one of the newer BCR units I have read about on the forum, even though it seems to still be working????

Thanks for any help from this "O" gauge 3 railer down under in sunny (burnt-out) Queensland, Australia.

Peter (Buco tragic)




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