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MTH Body Shells

MTH Railking Santa Fe F-3 body shell. Scale sized. Removed from brand new 30-20371-1 . Asking $40 plus shipping. MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171917920MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171925498MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171934087MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171956325

MTH Railking PRR F-3 body shell. Scale sized. Removed from brand new 30-20372-1.Asking $35 plus shipping.MTH PRR F3_20180708_170102449MTH PRR F3_20180708_170344896MTH PRR F3_20180708_170359043MTH PRR F3_20180708_170414283MTH PRR F3_20180709_114138299

Shipping west of the Mississippi will be slightly more.

I accept most forms of payment.


Thanks for looking!


Images (9)
  • MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171917920
  • MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171925498
  • MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171934087
  • MTH RK SF F3_20201029_171956325
  • MTH PRR F3_20180708_170102449
  • MTH PRR F3_20180708_170344896
  • MTH PRR F3_20180708_170359043
  • MTH PRR F3_20180708_170414283
  • MTH PRR F3_20180709_114138299
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