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Reply to "MTH S Gauge Catalog Live Early and what do you think?"

I've only had a chance to go over it quickly, so my verdict: It's OK. After you get past the first 10 pages of the wonders of MTH.

A fair amount of "leftovers." 

Anybody notice the "Order Now" pricing?  Wonder if it applies to dealers, too.

Francine will be happy with the Reading F7's and hoppers.

Speaking of hoppers: Note the "New Tooling" caption.  This was one of the last cars SHS announced before Sanda Kan fired them, so I wonder if the tooling was already completed and just waiting to be used or if MTH did develop them from the drawings. 

Either way, it's nice to see them available.  If anything called out for 6-car sets, it's these hoppers.  But I guess MTH is feeling a little burned with the PS2 6-car sets.

NW2's and SW8's with 6 roadnames each:  Wow, that's a lot of switchers for one catalog.  As all my SHS switchers seldom see daylight, I'll pass.  Although the EMD Demo SW8 is worthy of consideration.

F7's: 6 roadnames.  Well, I expected another run of F3's.  Four years ago I would have jumped on the Burlington units, but I have to reluctantly pass.

EV Cabeese:  About time.  Should have been with the original release in 2013.



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