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MTH Coke hoppers, Atlas O diesels, TMCC crane

Set of 4 MTH coke hoppers. Premier. Slight scuffs on one logo, prefer not to send in original box due to size/price of shipping, but have box available $185

Have multiple other coke cars, if package deal, prefer pickup. Contact if any interest.

Atlas O Santa Fe GP60, tested fine in TMCC, did not get any smoke but heard fan running, some loose handrails, engineers side awning cracked $285

Atlas O FURX SD40 non powered with lights $235

Lionel 40’ Flatcar with 3 JD tractors $115

Lionel TMCC crane $250


Images (12)
  • D84DDFC6-211E-48B5-977F-9249AC27B3CF
  • 51103543-8640-4299-B0F1-A6ADA11FAF43
  • F09A10CB-A796-44B0-8BA5-22F7D4BD779E
  • D0939484-11E5-4825-93DB-085B7D2A9A04
  • 2444B584-E7F8-4B93-BC31-EEFDEF15BCBE
  • BDA10256-8D26-440A-AA98-7AE1DBADBF38
  • 44DAEE39-77D6-40F1-9FCF-9D489F58E48D
  • 6E988F63-E7FB-4A4F-A70D-C584A5F8356A
  • B7061FE8-01B3-4327-A2F0-765E51637295
  • 86D536FA-41E3-4558-AE78-846BBC654A86
  • E63162F9-B449-45FC-A6C7-73B698333A4A
  • F3E9ED56-88B8-4D1B-B6FC-ADAB03A9600C
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