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Since the WIU will come with a USB cable to connect A Rev. L TIU to the WIU, everything else that you listed is just what you need, with one exception.

The Lionel PH 180 has a Molex connector, not a barrel jack. You have three choices as to how to connect it to the TIU:

  1. Cut the Molex connector off the PH180 and connect the two wires directly to the TIU's Fixed #1 Input channel terminals.
  2. Purchase an adapter cable from Lionel (don't know the part number or the price) that will convert the Molex connector to a pair of bare wires, which can then be connected to the aforementioned TIU input terminals.
  3. Make your own Molex adapter, as I've done for several PH 180's. You'll need the following from Amazon:

The advantage to the last two options is that you leave the PH180 intact for a future application that requires the Molex connector, or in order to facilitate reselling the item.



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