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Reply to "MTH F7 S Scale/gauge"

Well, my Burlington F7's have arrived, or at least 2/3rds of them did.  Powered A and B.  The non-powered A hasn't arrived yet.

MTH F& CB&Q 168AB [a)

Unfortunately, I haven't excavated either my DCC system or Z-1000, so I can't test them yet.  However, everything is intact and they look good with no blemishes.

MTH F& CB&Q 168AB [b)

However, I just had to compare the MTH paint vs my SHS F3's (which match the EMD paint chip for "aluminum.")  Well, here MTH used white (as did Kato on my N scale F3's.)  The white isn't too far off  from aluminum under natural light, which is what these shots used.  Even on some prototype photos Burlington F's look white.

Also in comparing the two to prototype photos, the Burlington nose "wings" on the MTH unit appear to be slightly better shaped than the SHS model.

MTH F& CB&Q 168AB [c)

The EMD aluminum paint is somewhat of a chameleon anyway, depending on lighting.

F Color

It'll be a while before these get scalified as my workshop isn't set up yet.

So, anyway:  The last of the last MTH S Scale.  According to Doug Peck, MTH has shipped all of the remaining S scale with a few pieces still in the warehouse.  It's going to be a while before we see F's run again from the new owners, Scale Trains.



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  • MTH F& CB&Q 168AB (a)
  • MTH F& CB&Q 168AB (b)
  • MTH F& CB&Q 168AB (c)
  • F Color
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