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Reply to "MTH F7 S Scale/gauge"

Well, I "semi-scalified" my Q F7's this weekend by mounting the scale couplers. Looks a lot better now with the gap between the units closed.

F7 BandA 1F7 BandA 2

One other thing accomplished during this round:  From MTH (SHS did it, too) the MARS light is in the nose door and the headlight in the top bezel.  I took the shell off and reversed the wires.  The headlight and MARS light are the wires with blue and green connectors.  All that was needed was to simply swap the connectors and the MARS light is on top and the headlight in the door, as it should be.

Still have a couple of things to do, but as this was literally a "kitchen table" project, the rest will have to wait for when I can get my workbench set up.  Still to be done: Modify and install the coupler cover to close the gap in the pilot, install the scale wheels and add the MU cables to the ends of the units.

I've been puttering these things back and forth on my modules using conventional DC and they run fine.  It's interesting under DC they run opposite of a conventional DC locomotive.  A minor inconvenience. The numberboards and class lights stay lit under power in both directions, the headlight and MARS light come on in forward, off in reverse.

Now to hook up my DCC system...

BTW, I also pre-ordered the non-powered A-unit, but it appears to have gone AWOL.  My LHS is looking in to it, but I don't know if it'll ever show up as it looks like production of the F7's was really tight.



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  • F7 BandA 1
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