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Reply to "MTH F7 S Scale/gauge"

@Tom Stoltz posted:

On an all DC layout, I find that almost a show stopper.  If I understand this correctly, it means running two trains on the same loop won’t work without throwing the direction switch for each block before the engine enters it.  Man, that’s major!  I have to run my Y-3 alone because its conversion to DC (by Flyonel) makes it respond differently and if my Reading MTH F7 ever shows up, it’s going to run alone, too.

These proprietary systems are more than a PITA.  I, for one, will be glad when they are gone.

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

Well there are switches in the back of the loco, behind the door casting, for reversing the motor and lights for"back-to-back" DCC/DCS operation so you don't have to mess with command settings, but I don't know if they are activated in conventional DC.

All I can add is "forward" is forward under DCC with the switch setting in the default position.


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