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Reply to "MTH F7 S Scale/gauge"

OK, Tom.  I went downstairs and verified the headlight and motor switches do reverse the motor and headlight operation on conventional DC.  The "reverse" function for DC's not mentioned in the user manual.


Of course, you can always gut the electronics and wire things in directly.


Thank you, thank you, Rusty.  Oh happy day!  But of course it's all dependent on mine being delivered.

How about some more good news for Reading fans?  Spoke with Ron today and they are now in the probably category for running the Reading heavyweights!!!

Tom Stoltz

in Maine, but spent my youth midway between the Lansdale and Hatboro branches.  And a lot of that time was in the YM tower at Glenside -- playing with real trains.

Note: Hatboro is named because of their 3 corner hats.

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