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Reply to "MTH flat w/ Abrams tanks edit: 3/4/19 w/Atlas flats"

Originally Posted by burketrains:
Originally Posted by Engineer-Joe:


Anybody have these? How do they look? Are the tanks metal?

 I'm not sure how I missed them. I'm watching a lot of war stuff on the history channel and it got me looking at these. Also, someone posted a video a few weeks back of a real train of these things squealing on the rails. Sounded like a heavy load.

Keep in mind that an M1 tank weighs about 70 tons.  Two on a flat car with 4 wheel trucks, doesn't seem right ......

I'm remembering a video with them on heavy duty flats. I can't remember which ones. I will do a UT search and get back here.

 I like modern stuff and will try to get modern heavy flats for them after I see what is used today.

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