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MTH R&D status

Anyone have any status/info on MTH R&D in Michigan? I've searched the web/OGR and haven't found much.

I ask because both the iOS and Android app versions (3.2.1) are 4+ years old which in software time is the Jurassic era. I'm wondering about:

  • Support for newer iOS/Android features
  • Functionality improvements:
    • Use the phone Bluetooth to control Lionchief+ stuff
    • Usability improvements (takes me 5 tries to click the upper left/right refresh icons)
    • Other capabilities, e.g. link to new parts website; social features; lots more I can think of
  • What happens when (inevitably) iOS or Android breaks the current version

I'm a long time software engineer with iOS, Android, big data, web and Raspberry Pi experience. If you are out there MTH R&D, I have availability having just finished a Pi project.

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