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Reply to "MTH R&D status"

First off I am not an ambassador for any train company. I do how think people should think before they post things such you asking MTH to make a control function more than they already have for a product for one not even released and the fact no way they can add the proprietary hardware to their system to do that....

The same could said for you Mr Fanboy.... In the way you come off on this forum I think @RickO said it best when he stated "You would not want to ruin your reputation on the forum". So I am not the on one who sees it.

I think both companies make great products and I choose which ones I support.

I chose DCS because I needed one unit to run DCS and conventional. Where with TMCC/Legacy I needed a powermaster two brick cables that exceeded the cost of the DCS system to do the same thing. I did use DCS with a TMCC base to control my TMCC engines awesome product feature that again MTH took into account. I am sorry Lionel chose not to and still chose not to do that.

I have lots of both companies products but that is going to change with the new pricing I am still buying form the new catalog just not near as much and I am tech junkie.

I think Atlas has great opportunity here and I hope they seize it.

That does not excuse your behavior. I asked a legitimate question for a legitimate reason. And @MTH RD tagged me in his post. People should be able to ask questions.

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