MTH Reading Crusader


I just purchased an MTH RailKing 30-1152-1 Reading Crusader Steam Locomotive Cab#118.

i bought this locomotive off of EBay and it was advertised as NIB. I don’t doubt that despite the fact that I had an issue with a traction tire that I ended up cutting off.

At any rate, since this engine was produced around 2000 and not run much, if at all, I suspect that the battery probably needs replacement if it is indeed the original one.

It ran well, smoked and chuffed just fine. I did have trouble with the PFA (train station announcements) not working. I tried the reset procedure and still nothing, At any rate after running the engine for a while I noticed the chuffing sounded echoed and distorted. I tried on track charging and it didn’t help.

Decided to replace the battery with a standard 9V version until I get a new MTH proto sound one. No small task to get the battery out from its plastic receptacle. Was afraid I’d break it but was gentle enough.

The 9V hasn’t improved the echoing but the PFA did work once.

Do the new batteries come PRr-charged or do I have to fire up the engine and let it charge that way?

I’m assuming a worn down battery can cause distortion?

 Thanks 😊 



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