Reply to "MTH RealTrax connectivity issues!"

If you bought the Realtrax track 15 years ago then it is not the current production which mine is. There could be a difference. Here is a summary of my problems:


Track rails fail to align both vertically and horizontally due to lack of guide pins in rails, requiring filing of rails to keep bumps in train travel to minimum


Switches anti-derailment feature defeated (as is being able to change switch position) by contact with adjacent track section which is supposed to be isolated.


Points fail to contact rails, requiring bending, and repositioning of internal springs


Guide rails through switches too loose allowing wheels to override frog (just a bigger bump)


Some MTH engines arc and spark due to shorting of center rails to outer rail by engine roller pickups


I'm glad you have satisfactory operation on your Realtrax but new production runs appear to be much more problematical than your older track or even some newer track you might have based on reports here (??).



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