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Reply to "My dream/nightmare layout... July Update 7/31/19 Big Boy month!"

Thanks Mike, that's the plan for this topic, to share my progress with all of you. I see that I forgot to post a picture of the helix...
Photo May 07, 4 41 14 PM

Blueline, I'm sorry I didn't start this topic months ago. I hope you're able to get back this way soon.


Doug, I have rejoined the NMRA, and am going to try to get some of them involved. They are the operators and builders. I used to be in TCA, but most of those guys don't build layouts. There was a time when I got paid to do layout work for others.


I wish a lot of the people on the forum lived closer. This thing would be done in no time and we would all have fun!


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  • Photo May 07, 4 41 14 PM
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