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Reply to "My early 1946 Lionel Berkshire arrives"

Congrats on you "46" model Berk in my humble opinion this engine is a great runner as i have 2 of them and a 3rd for parts along with a spare motor and some wheel sets bought long time ago NOS !

On our small 4x8 layout with layout lights turned down way low that particular bulb smoke unit is fantastic when running slow as it actually looks like a flickering white flame coming out its stack unlike any other smoke unit i have and i have quite a collection of various smoking engines.

Ours has the regular not the high stack motor but it will run a solid hour with the rollers only warm to the touch.

This is one of Lionels best postwar engines indeed and thanks for showing that high stack motor that was basically used on dealer displayed layouts because they can run and run and run because of its larger field  construction.

They are hard to find as a separate buy and at 150.00 (have seen them) i may never be able to purchase that motor to install if found.

Here are ours one stripped of paint long ago because paint was very bad but never painted it as i like the look believe it or not but will one day will try to polish it as is to see if it evens out the finish the front and rear truck retain original decent finish.

Edit also have several 671 and 2020 1946 models with smoke bulb and also great runners not shown motors are similar except the gear on motor end is larger and thus would not fit the 726.

HPIM1113 [Large)


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  • HPIM1113 (Large)
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