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Clearly a product you have has deteriorate.  Kind a like your 1990 car.   They did not paint it with rust on it, but it did rust later. 

That is not an apt analogy. The zinc rot/pest is due to impurities in the casting, resulting from poor quality control. The product will degrade regardless of how well you take care of it. On the other hand, in the right environment, and with proper care, a car will not rust. If it does rust, you can sandblast and repaint—if you catch it early enough—or excise the offending material. Not so with zinc rot.

Well it is in the sense that the original poster implied MTH painted the shell with those defect showing.  They did not.  When the shell came out of the mold it did not have those bubbles and blisters showing.  They developed later. 

Second your jumping to the conclusion this is a complete zinc rot issue versus some surface impurities that have cause corrosion.  So yes it can be just like a car.  If the shell is not warping or crumbling, there is a good chance this is not a complete zinc rot issue.  It may be surface only, actually looks that way, and it can be sanded, filled and repainted too.  G

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