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A little more action! Got the “plug” made for the middle of the layout. That’s where the north East PA WARM radio station lives. Still have to assemble the antenna. Anyways happy with how it turned out and it’s fit. For maintenance, for the most part it can just lift out. Also, I picked up a new car last week. Was gonna put it in the “buy anything cool” thread but will stick it here. It’s just a simple Erie Lackawanna Lumber Car, but means a lot to me. One cause the EL ran through these parts, and two the labeling. I know it’s a MTH car and mikes last name is wolf but that’s also my business. My main job is building custom wooden wing sets for aerobatic aircraft. My company is wolf aircraft products. So this is a shipment of raw spruce stock headed my way 😎8E6747AB-790B-4283-A76B-0428083F1D4763787C90-0207-4D3E-A196-A6D5F997537A09ED4252-C0B4-4034-97AF-0ED58B8BDE0E7AA88A46-A8CE-4331-8B9A-46B599DE3FE1


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  • 8E6747AB-790B-4283-A76B-0428083F1D47
  • 63787C90-0207-4D3E-A196-A6D5F997537A
  • 09ED4252-C0B4-4034-97AF-0ED58B8BDE0E
  • 7AA88A46-A8CE-4331-8B9A-46B599DE3FE1
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