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Reply to "My Turbotrain fiasco continues"

Ok everyone,

As promised,  here is my final update on Turbo.   This past weekend at our club's modular setup at the New Eagle VFD Train Show,  I ran Turbo for about 2 hours continuously without a break and am happy to report that there were no mechanical issues or board failures.   Since our club operates with the Legacy system using a ZW-L(with me using my Legacy remote),  Turbo was run in conventional mode with the smoke units off.   I have never used the smoke units on Turbo,  nor do I use them on any of my diesels,  only on my steam engines.   I don't have any videos of Turbo running,  but here are a couple of photos of it on our club's layout this past weekend.   For anyone that may be interested,  I will be putting Turbo up on the FOR SALE Forum later today or tomorrow.   Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.




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