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Pennypack Creek ??? - Holy crap what part of Northeast Philly are / were you from ?

 I was from Bustleton 

Just a bit south of Cottman and the Boulevard.  As kids we would walk over to Browse Ave. where it meets the park.  I haven't been by there in many years, so if memory serves Brouse Ave. ends about there as it curves around the park.  Correct me if my memory is wrong.   There used to be a Park Guard station there.  We'd fish for Bluegill off the foot bridge just up from where the main stream joins a small tributary.  We also spent alot of time at the Torresdale waterfall.  I do recall once seeing a switcher pushing or pulling some freight cars over the trestle at Torresdale.

As we got older and discovered girls, "Little City" was always a good spot to go after a movie on Saturday night.  Then we graduated to the street that runs into State Road at the water works.  

Many good memories of growing up in the Northeast in the fifties and sixties.

There's a couple of Arcadia Press books that have some pretty good photos of the Northeast.  

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