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Reply to "N&W Steam Locos"

trumptrain posted:

N&W also bought several 0-8-0s from C&O.  Lionel made 0-8-0s with TMCC in C&O livery back in the mid 2000s.

Big Jim posted:

I think that Weaver made a 2-8-0 lettered for N&W. I haven't seen any for sale on the 'bay, but, I haven't been looking.

The Lionel 0-8-0 was a USRA version; not a S1a. It does have the headlight in the correct position but that is about all that is right. The tender isn't even close. I have all but begged Scott Mann to do a N&W S1a. There was one 2 rail version (forget the vendor name), but just too expensive to buy for a kit-bash.

Jim, Yes Weaver did do a N&W Class W2 2-8-0. I was very fortunate to buy one from here on the Forum. It was originally undecorated, was weathered and lettered for Lackawanna. My friend Walt repainted it (kept the undercarriage weathering) and lettered it for Cab #917. It runs very well, but the electronics are "dated". It has a TMCC SAW board.  FWIW, I have the Weaver 4-6-2 N&W as well. Same deal with the electronics. I'll plan to run both at the GBGH this weekend and will post some pictures.

I snagged the Weaver spreadsheets before their website shutdown. Here's the info on the N&W 2-8-0.

1810-S/L/LP 1810-S/L/SP/LPBALDWIN CONSOLIDATION / 2-8-0 DIECASTN&W / NORFOLK & WESTERN678, 690 675, 6982002 2006$495.00 $595.00 TMCCBODY/BLACK              SMOKE BOX/GRAPHITE          PRINT/WHITE


There is one Weaver 2-8-0 on eBay now, but it has the Belpaire firebox. There is a 3rd Rail Santa Fe that looks nice.

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