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NdeM 4-8-4 Niagra Project

Hello folks,

My name is Holden and I'm new to the forum.

A project I am looking to start work on is acquiring or assembling an NdeM 4-8-4 Niagra to run and operate. As far as I know, no model of the Niagra exists so I will either have to repaint an existing locomotive or kitbash from multiple locos.

I run post war and semi scale trains so whatever I end up doing, it doesn't have to be scale. What's important to me is getting a model that has the same lines as the prototype and is recognizable. The biggest locomotive I own is an MTH Imperial GS4. I'd like for this locomotive to be smaller than the Daylight if possible to reflect reality (the Niagras were small for 4-8-4s) but that isn't essential.

One option I am considering for this project is acquiring a K-Line K-3238 Lackawanna 4-6-4 and mating the shell with an 8 wheel chassis and motor. Does anyone here have experience kit bashing like this? Are there potential issues I need to be aware of? Where can I look for and browse for the chassis?

Before I get set on the kit bashing route, does anyone have any recommendations for other models that I could look at that wouldn't require transplanting an engine shell? I'm looking for something conventional; Command control and other advanced features aren't needed.

Thanks for your help and for sharing your knowledge.

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