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Need help programming an ABA set with TMCC

Hi all,

I’m turning to the forum because the Lionel manuals are confusing me, and I think I messed up the assignments of my locos for command control.

i have the 6-14588 F3 ABA set with powered A unit 6-14589 and the matching Non powered B and A units 14590 and 14591. I am using the Cab 1L and Base.

I thought they were all set as TRain 1, but they do not respond to the TR command. ENG 1 addresses the powered unit correctly, and it moves, reverses, has bell and whistle etc, though the front electro coupled does not respond. The reverse lights illuminate on both dummy units, but not the headlights or strobe on the rear-facing dummy A unit, no matter what DIR the set is going.

What I’d like to do is set (reset?) the trio so they all respond correctly to a TR 1 command, and get the proper directional lighting etc. The Base/Cab1L manual talks about creating a lash up, but that seems to be for multiple powered units. But maybe that is the correct process here too. I’m just confused and could use a clear explanation from the experts on how to reset the locos to their correct and probably factory default set since they all came together. And since I’m asking, for help. I also own the matching powered B unit 6-24562. If I want to include that loco in the set, how would I add that? It would be a situation where I will almost always run just ABA but occasionally ABBA.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.

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