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Need Help with MTH DCS TIU

I'm a newbie to the forum.  Looking for help with my son's layout.  It is a starter with MTH track on a 4X8 table.  We went to a train show and where able to purchase a MTH DCS remote with a TIU.  We have it all hooked up, I read the directions several times and can seem to add an engine.

I was able to successfully update both the DCS Remote and TIU to 6.10.  I have also been able to confirm connection with the TIU; wirelessly and via telephone jack.  I have power to the track depending on how I connect my power; Z500.  According to the manual I connect it thru the Auxiliary Power Input or thru the Fixed Voltage In.  If I connect thru the Fixed Voltage In, I have confirmed power to the track via a lighted caboose.  However, no power to the track thru Auxiliary Power Input.

The manual says that a Z500 & Z750 can be used; however I question if I have enough power to make the connection to add a MTH engine.  We have both the 4014 Steam Loco and another Diesel Loco which came out of starter pack.

Both engines run fine on the smaller DCS Commander and I have also reset both engines using this remote in the hopes the larger DCS Remote and TIU would read/identify the engine.

I have followed the directions perfectly for the quick set-up and also searched the internet with no luck. Don't want to shell out more money for a larger block if it's not going to work.

Looking for suggestions and any guidance.

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,


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