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Reply to "Need help with this layout for five year old"

@Mannyrock posted:

All of these design and mechanical issues because someone wants to use Fast Track.  Why?   Its far more trouble than its worth (and Fast Track is very expensive.)

None of these problems exist if you just use regular tubular track, and a simple metal cutter to cut certain pieces to fit.

There is a reason that folks continue to design and build with tubular track after almost 100 years!


Simple:  Because he has a lot of Fastrack that he just got this past Christmas.  They bought it for him because they could assemble it using paper fasteners to hold the sections together and put it behind a dresser.  An oval and a figure 8.  Now I want to expand it to a 4 x 8 on a foam board because the kid is obsessed with and loves trains so much so this will be a transition.  Maybe next year he will sell the Fastrack.  Or maybe the Peter Witt Trolley I am going to give him for Christmas can run on Fastrack and his steam train on the tubular.

But I agree with you.

Thanks for all the help.  I really appreciate it.


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