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Reply to "Need help with this layout for five year old"

Finally got all the parts I need for this layout.  The 042 Gargraves Manual Switches had been on backorder, but I received them today.  I have a few questions:

1.  What is the extra track piece for that came with the switches?20210805_142332

2.  I ordered Woodland Scenics roadbed to raise up the Gargaves track and switches to match the height of the Menards O  Gauge tubular track and the Fastrack and some foam pins (T-Pins) to hold it down to the 2" foam.

3.  The clearances for the switch don't look like the SCARM plan.  It looks too close to the Fastrack roadbed.


4.  I may use the garage type foam tiles on top of the rigid foam - not sure (would be much quieter).  It certainly is quiet on my 027 tubular layout on plywood.

The whole thing will stand vertically behind a door in his room when not in use and on top of his bed when he is using it.

5.  The Atlas plastic bumpers seem pretty flimsy for the two dead end spurs.  Any way to reinforce them?

6.  How would you wire this layout to electrically separate the inner and out loops IF he wanted to run two trains at some point?  Turn it on and off.  Toggle switch on the center rail at the two outer switches?




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