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Reply to "New Camelback Legacy Locomotives not responding to my Cab2 remote"

Hopefully I've chosen the proper place to post this:
As I had described earlier (previous page) I was having problems with my Legacy remote and could not run my Lionel engines, some of which I had purchased after the problem started so I never was able to try out by most recent (eBay) additions  to find out if I had made a wise purchase or not,  so I was really frustrated.
Long story short, I followed your recommendations here, sent the unit off to Lionel, fingers crossed, and had a really great experience with them !  Whenever I called down to N.C. to see where we were at I mostly spoke with  'Heather' who was probably the nicest, most reassuring and helpful warranty dept / rep I've ever had the pleasurer of dealing with - thank you Heather (and one other lady I spoke to once and who was also nice as can be but whose name escapes me right this minute. my apologies - but I'm OLD) !!
The turn around time was equally surprising. I had heard predictions of 4 to 5 weeks before my remote would be returned to me but nope, that was not the case.  If I have my dates correct, they received it on May 9th and it was back on my porch, repaired, this morning, May 21 !!
One of the voices in my head, lol, was warning me 'Too good to be true, wait 'til its hooked back up and successfully running train again before you start your grinnin' ear to ear.  5 minutes after opening the box the unit was ready for its test run and sure as sheet, my Lionel New York Central #5344 was a tearin' 'round my track a whistlin and a clangin' and smokin' like a like a bat outta **** !! Truth be told, I enjoy them the most when they are barely moving - like molasses off the end of a stick, passengers or freight in tow, as they pull away from the station or roundhouse rather than as if they were running in the Indy 500 (like many I've see on the 'tube). Its still early, I've only tried the one engine so far and for only twice around the layout before coming in here to share my exuberance with y'all while its still fresh in my mind.
My, I do go on, don't I ?
Again a big THANKS to everybody who helped in some way !!

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