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Reply to "New engine arrived and broken"

Wow, my Trump engine arrived at my hobby shop, do to my wife, I let my friend purchase the engine and it arrived safe and sound, it’s a beautiful paint scheme, probably should be red instead of blue..... Here are the engines pictured together. Happy Railroading Everyone A6FA5EA3-28AA-499E-8B17-3EA91E50846D728A226F-F463-40E5-8B4C-A9077BA507ADA3460B1D-6689-4164-BF1E-F80C5127618350DEF2DC-7594-462E-8039-E415B07E45EAD5434D63-CD2B-43F0-A8AC-6759A74958A234ED9B32-616B-48F4-AE89-51B2F3B9CF32



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  • A6FA5EA3-28AA-499E-8B17-3EA91E50846D
  • 728A226F-F463-40E5-8B4C-A9077BA507AD
  • A3460B1D-6689-4164-BF1E-F80C51276183
  • 50DEF2DC-7594-462E-8039-E415B07E45EA
  • D5434D63-CD2B-43F0-A8AC-6759A74958A2
  • 34ED9B32-616B-48F4-AE89-51B2F3B9CF32
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