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Reply to "New Isaly Car?"


Here are a couple of the Islays's Tin Plate Tanker Cars on the 1st level and I picked up the Islay's Tin Plate Sky Scraper Ice Cream Cone Box Car, from one of the OGR members a couple years back, I will try to find a picture of it.  The enamel colors on these Islay's cars are incredible.

The original Islay's Head Quarters building was sold to part of the Hospital here in Pittsburgh, my sister inlaw works in that building every day.  I keep telling her to bring me home some Ice Cream.


 The Lionel Islay's Tin Plate Skyscraper Box Car, I also have the Lionel O gauge Flat Car with Islay's Trailer Truck on it, purchased from Jim's Train Shop many years ago.



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