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New Layout 2021-24......Update, April, 15, 2024

My current layout is about 10 years old....

It is 6x16' on 3 levels of Mianne Benchwork. The Top level is a 2x16' engine  facility.

The Middle level is the main layout with 2 interconnected loops and double reverse loops

The Lower Level is a 6x8' dual track Subway where only the subway station is visible.

I am about 90% finished wiring and scenery.....but it coming down. As a retirement present, my lovely wife has put aside money to give me a 20x30' attic room. when she asked me last summer if I would mind moving the layout to the attic in a bigger space, I said....."well, since my schedule is wide open, I think I can do it"...

Construction begins sometime in February.

Here are the final pictures of the "old layout".90F5B796-0DA0-45A8-939B-ABDF69761A2369D167A6-B15F-4F80-B685-C8A70DE23AA41E301B2D-B5C5-488B-BD80-DE805BEB41BD2E701828-F9AA-4243-947A-3790B0579E60931DE38A-7CF4-415F-938D-2DF8A1113093A08F0F34-4B73-459D-97D7-5FCC6EDD6400269BD2B1-C0F8-428E-80A2-8CF1BC7C11C9FB724B20-0AA6-4398-BBA6-49E15ECAF51FB08BAF34-72D1-44FC-AEEE-2C85F12CB17635FD4B22-C393-436A-B302-471A03076FD9E63961A2-C4FA-4A1F-B0DA-243F0AA83BE958B05E20-FAEB-44AE-B08E-906B5A26D90CF22427DD-AD1E-4F59-9F8F-01F524FF456CA2739432-5CF0-4FB7-AD68-B98C79FFA56F01CB226C-E6D0-49B1-B198-5F3FE117A112508B1BFC-89E2-4D96-B18F-73531CD556E8

You can expect regular updates.....I intend to finish this new layout!



Images (16)
  • 90F5B796-0DA0-45A8-939B-ABDF69761A23
  • 69D167A6-B15F-4F80-B685-C8A70DE23AA4
  • 1E301B2D-B5C5-488B-BD80-DE805BEB41BD
  • 2E701828-F9AA-4243-947A-3790B0579E60
  • 931DE38A-7CF4-415F-938D-2DF8A1113093
  • A08F0F34-4B73-459D-97D7-5FCC6EDD6400
  • 269BD2B1-C0F8-428E-80A2-8CF1BC7C11C9
  • FB724B20-0AA6-4398-BBA6-49E15ECAF51F
  • B08BAF34-72D1-44FC-AEEE-2C85F12CB176
  • 35FD4B22-C393-436A-B302-471A03076FD9
  • E63961A2-C4FA-4A1F-B0DA-243F0AA83BE9
  • 58B05E20-FAEB-44AE-B08E-906B5A26D90C
  • F22427DD-AD1E-4F59-9F8F-01F524FF456C
  • A2739432-5CF0-4FB7-AD68-B98C79FFA56F
  • 01CB226C-E6D0-49B1-B198-5F3FE117A112
  • 508B1BFC-89E2-4D96-B18F-73531CD556E8
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