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2-18-21 Update: New Layout Build: 33' x 25' L Shaped Western Pennsylvania Inspired Layout

Hello all. I've decided to start a thread documenting the progress of the new layout I've been constructing since September 2020. It's situated along two walls of my basement, and takes up a traditional "L" shape design. The approximate dimensions are 33' x 25', with a 5' x 9' inner peninsula (eventually to be 5' x 15') that holds a modest engine servicing facility and stub end yard (still to be fully designed).

The layout is completely freelanced, although I'm trying to capture the general feel of Southwestern Pennsylvania scenery and scenes in the late 1950s. The Pennsylvania Railroad is the main inspiration with the majority of the locomotives and rolling stock sporting PRR livery, but I like to have a little bit of everything (mostly eastern roads) on the layout as well.

A double track main is present for the entirety of the design with the outer loop being O-72 minimum. The track plan was designed to maximize the length of the run while trying to reduce the hi-rail issue of having too much track; this wasn't entirely achieved as space limitations meant that there had to be areas where more track is present than I'd like, but it should look decent enough when scenery is completed. Still, at about speed step 50 on the Legacy remote, it takes a train exactly 5 minutes to complete a full circuit. The main "room" of the layout is a twice around over/under design that sees the train snake its way along the edge of a hillside somewhat reminiscent of the approach and departure of the Horseshoe Curve, although again the key theme being inspired and not replicated, and a 25 foot tunnel. Some areas of the layout are more whimsical than prototypical such as the multi-level 4 bridge scene and relatively steep grades that were made as gradual as possible. The smaller portion of the layout will be home to a medium sized town and other scenery yet to be decided. Fastrack will be ballasted and weathered to improve the look.

100% of the equipment is scale and command control with either Legacy or Protosound 2/3. Roughly 80% of the motive power right now is steam, but I have recently been acquiring early diesel and plan to add more so the layout resembles the transition era from steam to diesel.

The pictures you'll first see below were take within the first month or two of construction, and the last few taken just days ago. I'll be updating this post as things progress. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know! Hope you all enjoy!




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