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Reply to "2-18-21 Update: New Layout Build: 33' x 25' L Shaped Western Pennsylvania Inspired Layout"


Your L-shaped layout platform provides opportunities for a track plan that transcends traditional rectangular layouts that are typically dominated by loops of track around the perimeter with some sidings.  Many OGR FORUM-ites wish for the space your have dedicated to your Pennsy-inspired layout.

My two-level L-shaped layout is much smaller (15x19 feet) and rendered in a plainer style than your empire with elegantly crafted scenery. You are making full use of Lionel's TMCC and Legacy technologies - a great control system. Cardboard strips and plaster cloth create a lightweight yet strong foundation to support added-on scenic magic. Carry on valiantly!

Some pix of my two-level L-shaped layout are attached -- although modest by comparison.

Mike Mottler     LCCA 12394


Images (5)
  • E-W Platforms 3
  • N-S Platform Industrial District
  • Upper Level SW Corner
  • Dino Park 1
  • Oil Field 3
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