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I wired a single mast Lionel signal (6-24101) to a DZ-1075 detector and an MTH 3 over 3 signal (30-11024) to both a Lionel 153 detector and to a DZ-1075 detector). I decided to wire the top and bottom separately even though I don't think this is prototypical. I have the signal in front of a turnout wired such that if a train exists track 1 the top aspect turns red for track 2 and vice versa.

The three wiring diagrams are shown below

Next week I am wiring DZ-1060 signals to both DZ-1075 and DZ-1070 detectors I have in stock. Note the DZ-1070 only works with Z-Stuff signals.

Though I did not do this the wiring diagram for a Lionel signal to a Lionel 153 detector is shown below


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