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Reply to "New Layout Design"

I have been reading some old articles written by Frank Ellison, John Allen and John Armstrong more on this in an upcoming post) with respect to track work. Based on these articles I changed my east yard to make it more simple. In the previous design the scrap yard was difficult to get into and out of and because of the turnouts I was limited in the number of flat cars I could push in or take out. The new yard design gives me straight access to the yard with a long spur plus I have gained a caboose track.

Below is the original layout - note the scrap yard track with the crane - bottom right

timesaver 3 ogr

In the modified layout design the scrap yard now has its own spur and I gain a caboose track along side of it.

timesaver 3b ogr


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  • timesaver 3 ogr
  • timesaver 3b ogr
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