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A while back I bought some Gargraves gantry track then a Lionel TMCC Gantry Crane (6-82097) and programmed it as an accessory on my Cab2. Once I finished with the last signal I decided to wire a Lionel TMCC Crane sounds Work House (6-82035) I had purchased. The work house comes with a three wire set up connected to 3-pin male connector. I wanted to connect the work house directly to track power in the same power district that the crane is connected to. So I simply cut off the connector, stripped the wires and connected red/black to track. I left the white wire alone. Neither the instruction manual or Lionel's web site explain the function of that third wire. I programmed the work house with the same ACC # as the crane - turned on power and WOW!

The work house has a constant back ground noise (you can turn the sound off with the remote) but also contains different sounds depending which function of the crane you choose to operate. There is even dialog programmed in. I was not really a fan of operating accessories. This is my first one. I can say I will be having a lot of fun with this.

2021-07-25 Comtrol Panel 005

A also took some time to print some ID tags (Avery white full sheet shipping labels) to identify my track spurs and accessory lighting. For example I labeled the spur that goes to a wholesale bread and bakery shop as "Bakery". The toggle switches for the spurs is on the bottom right.
The accessory switches (Atlas O SPST on/off) are top right. The toggle switches on the left are for the turnouts and the gray and black switches top left are Gargraves/Atlas O for uncoupling tracks. The control board slides in and out of the table.

2021-07-25 Comtrol Panel 004


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  • 2021-07-25 Comtrol Panel 005
  • 2021-07-25 Comtrol Panel 004
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