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Reply to "New Layout Design"

Down towards the bottom of the layout I a two track spur which is dedicated to a modern looking 2-stall diesel shed.

Inkedtimesaver 3b diesel shed_LI

This will be my first project (please bear in mind I have only Saturdays to work on this). Back in 2015 while
Rich Redman still owned Korber Models he put together the pieces for two custom diesel shed kits based on the Korber #1032 shed design based on a design a friend and myself submitted. my kit has been sitting on a shelf all this time during construction of my table and track work. Below is a photo of the kit my friend built. Some extra material was used to make a small 1-story office in the back of the shed.


I will start this project next week end.


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  • Inkedtimesaver 3b diesel shed_LI
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