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Did some more work on the diesel shed. I have both 2-panel ends and one 5-panel side glued up. I will have photos tomorrow when the clamps (ie bricks) come off.

I have two Cab2 remotes (not sure why.............). Anyway the cradle for one is nonfunctional except for a re-charging function that has not worked since day 2 or 3. I'm too lazy to send it in for repair. So I decided to remove the cradle from the power control board. This freed up space for me to re-arrange power supplies and powermasters to look more orderly. The small Lionel Accessory Transformer powers all the turnouts along with DZ-1011R's used to indicate switch position. The samll black Atlas O transformer at the top powers all my ITADS. The Aluminum transformer is a 10W 12VDC power supply for all lights.

2021-08-08 Diesel shed 003

I have become a Frank Ellison / John Allen 'groupie' reading stuff they published in the 1930's-1950's. The electronics has certainly changed however the philosophy is timeless. Frank Ellison wrote a series of articles about industries in three particular towns - Donaldson, Raymondale and Filmore and how they interconnected. In particular three articles "Where to Place your Industries' and 'Route Switching and 'The fitness of Things' inspired me to move my structures around, repurpose some and gave me a list of structures I need to build. The new building placement plan is below.

timesaver 3b buildings

The general strategy is below. (apologies for the length).

Structures to build

Diesel Shed
REA building
Rural Grain elevator
Feed Mill
Small Parts Factory
Grocery Warehouse
Wholesale Bakery



The Rural Grain elevator is located at the end of the division point yard on track that doubles as the arrival/ departure classification track. Empty hopper cars are spotted by the elevator to be filled. Assumption is local farmers deliver different grains to back of elevator which are loaded into hopper cars.
Way freight picks up loaded hopper cars and delivers to Feed Mill where it is turned into flour and feed. Way freight picks up empty hoppers and delivers to division point yard where it then picks up empty box cars to deliver to feed mill. Feed Mill loads boxcars with sacks for delivery to Wholesale Bakery and to Ellison Dry Goods. Way freight picks up loaded boxcars and drops off loaded hoppers. Way freight delivers box cars to Bakery and Dry Goods stores. It picks up empty boxcars then returns to the division point yard with the empty boxcars and hoppers.


Empty tank cars are spotted at loading platform where gasoline, heating oil and propane are loaded. Way freight picks up loaded tank cars and delivers to bulk fuel distributor. The distributor loads tank trucks with various fuels to deliver to diesel yard, gas station, factories etc

Food Stuff

It is assumed local farmers deliver vegetables and fruit to cannery. Cannery processes frozen fresh fruit and vegetables and cans the rest. Way freight picks up iced reefers at Union Ice Co. and delivers to Patterson Cannery. Cannery loads frozen food into one reefer and canned foodstuff into another. Way freight delivers frozen food to Grocery Warehouse and canned foodstuff to Ellison Dry Goods. It picks up empty reefers and delivers back to Union Ice.


The Small Parts Factory makes various widgets and replacement parts for John Deere tractors. These are loaded onto flatcars and box cars which have been spotted next to an Open Air Loading Dock. The loading dock also serves as a team track for other local businesses to load their product such as timber. The Way freight picks up the loaded cars and delivers to Allen Freight & Transport where they are packed and loaded into box cars. Way freight picks up empties and returns them to the Small Parts factory. Loaded box cars are ready for the next Through Freight to come through.

Passenger Service

There is room for only one passenger station on the layout so I will park a passenger train on that siding. To make room for the Way freight deliveries to bakery, dry goods and Freight House I will move the passenger train out, switch to the outside main and let it ‘transverse the country side’ for a while. There is a large siding on the inside main where I can park the way freight so it can wait for the passenger train to vacate the station siding.


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  • 2021-08-08 Diesel shed 003
  • timesaver 3b buildings
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