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Finally Starting - New Layout, Wiring Diagram, Control Panel

I posted that I was starting my 8x10 layout about 3 years ago... that never happened.  So here it is.  I was planning on the first one of these two for quite some time now (as in I have most everything I need for it), but after seeing some suggestions on Mark Boyce's proposed layout, I decided to try something else.  I was initially going with "bigger curves are better," but my space doesn't really allow for that.  I played with SCARM a little bit today and came up with the second picture.  

I know there is only one reverse loop (I created it on accident) but that's okay.  I have a switcher that I can turn things around with.  I will most likely make lift-out panels in some of the open space, but I didn't get that far.  I feel like Option B is much less boring than the first one I came up with.

This time around, I'm actually starting on my layout since I have a lot of what I need now (wire, wood, and track.)

- I'm using all RealTrax
- I'm limited to the area shown to enter the room
- Separated loops are not an option as I want to be able to move a train from any loop when I want to
- Running DCS
- TIU powered by Z500 to Aux input, Variable channels 1 & 2 each powered with their own PH180
- Will be running conventional and command which is the need for the Variable channels
- Yard tracks will be controlled through toggle switches

Also attached in this post are my wiring diagram (I hope I did that correctly) and what control panel should end up looking like.

Final LayoutFinal Layout - B


Any suggestions or input?


Images (4)
  • Final Layout: Option A
  • Final Layout - B: Option B
  • Wiring 1-27-17: Wiring Diagram
  • Setup-Model: Control Panel
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