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Reply to "Finally Starting - New Layout, Wiring Diagram, Control Panel"

This past weekend I was able to finally apply power to my setup (without any trains).  Had a few things messed up, but they were veryou minor.  I programmed into my DCS remote and tested all of my switches and uncouplers.  This was the very first time I was ever able to experience the control of them through the remote.  Man this is going to be fun!  It was neat to stand back and watch the control panel lights swicth. 

After about 5 minutes though, smoke from the KW.  I immediately took it outside.  Thought about scrapping it, but I read some of the threads on here and talked to the guy at my LHS.  With that I messed with it last night and the arms that the rollers are on were really bent, causing parts of them to touch the coils.  I straightened them out and made sure only the rollers were touching.  After about 15 minutes, still no smoke.  I think I may be good to go. 

Also, I now have the frame for the door up.  Now I have to cut the track on the hinged side and connect the power drops to the door and pushbuttons I have going to it.

And of course, I wasn't alone and couldn't go uninterrupted 


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