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Reply to "Finally Starting - New Layout, Wiring Diagram, Control Panel"

Mark Boyce posted:

Woah!!  The source of the smoke problem!  You are now an electronics expert!!!   That's what they always said at work; see it once, now you are an expert!

It is shaping up really well, Mike!  

Thank you, Mark.  Haha, no expert here, just did some research here on the forum and sort of guessed what was being talked about.  I actually think it was GRJ's suggestion years back!

Mike H Mottler posted:

Your attention to detail in dressing-up the wiring pathways is a marvelous example for neatniks to follow and a gentle indictment to hobbyists whose under-table wiring may look like an explosion in a spaghetti factory. Your control panel is ultra-cool.

Your wiring plan is an inspiration to me since I'm now approaching the electrical phase of my emerging 15x19-feet L-shaped home layout. It will include circuitry for both Lionel (TMCC) and MTH (DCS) control systems for operating trains of both brands.

With appreciation for the inspiration!

Mike, thank you very much for your kind words.  I'm just super anal about things and when it comes to wiring, neatness.  Even when doing wiring in my house, the 12/2 wire has to be flat and not twisted as often as possible.  Good luck on your your L layout!!


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