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Reply to "Finally Starting - New Layout, Wiring Diagram, Control Panel"

**Update 4-18-17**  With Videos.

I just realized I haven't updated this in a while (just have been posting in What did you do on your layout today?), although I haven't really done much.  Since my last post, I have glued the Homasote down (with wood glue), painted it a tan color to prevent it from absorbing moisture and warping, added foam between the Homasote and track (to quiet the sound of the Realtrax), and added latches and labeling to the control panel.  Another thing I did was add push buttons to the gate/door jam for two reasons; one being to kill the power to track on each side if it is open, and two, to operate the indicator LED on my control panel.  If the gate/door is open, there is a red LED that will flash and if closed, a solid greed LED will be on.  I also replaced the simple on-off light switch with a nice dimmer and wow does that make such a difference in the train room!

For the labels, I used a label maker with black ink on clear tap, then trimmed as close to the text as I could

The top push button is a (on)-off-(on) for LED control and the bottom is a simple off-(on) for track power control.


This is the foam I used for insulation under the Realtrax.  Frost King AC Weatherseal from HD.  I cut this into 4 strips, meaning instead of it being 2-1/4" thick, each strip was about 5/8" thick.  It seemed to work pretty well too.

The latest picture of my layout.  I doubt I'll be doing much more to it until the fall.

Another thing I did was move all of my train stuff back into the room from the garage.   As you can see, I put my wife's shoe problem to good use with the boxes.

Below is another vantage point from the room.

And videos if anybody is interested:

Gate/door operation:

Running trains:

I have the Southern F3 ABA that goes with this set, but I wanted to see them behind the NS Heritage Unit


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