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sdmann posted:

Let me allay some fears and give you a few more details to avoid a lot of back and forth emails and questions. 

A. We are licensed to  produce only the following products:

1. Cruise Commander v4.1 (Including) o R4LC o Prog/Run Switch o Antenna

2. AC Commander (Including) o R4LC o Prog/Run Switch o Antenna

3. DC Commander (Including) o R4LC o Prog/Run Switch o Antenna

4. RSOE (RAILSOUNDS KIT) o Interconnect cables o Speaker 

5. Cruise “M” o Motor Driver

I am sorry if you don't see other items you may have wanted. Perhaps in the future we can consider it, but for now this is all that has been released  based on previous order volume.

B. Dealers of Electric Railroad will be offered Dealership status with us as well. Dealer discounts by % are the same.  We know many of the dealers's business relies on this to provide upgrades and service with some profit. So don't worry...

C. Prices will be determined by costs. We will do our best to keep the costs down, but if there are increases at the board manufacturer, we will have to pass these on in our Dealer and Retail Pricing. We won't know until we have received a quote. Give us until June 30th to know the exact prices.

D. If you missed ordering before, you will be able to order soon when our web site is up and running end of May. Orders for October will be similar to our Reservation system. No deposit required, but you better buy  when the boards arrive, or we will look at you funny when you try to order again. Then just sit back and wait for a notice of arrival when the boards are coming to us.

E. Service calls for previous product purchases (Before May 15th), will be referred back to Electric RR Company.  We currently can't answer your technical questions until we have staff in place. We warranty what we sell after May 15th 2018.

F.  I think that's enough details for now.  Once I have reviewed our web site with the folks at Lionel, and get the OK, we will release our link. 

Until then, sit tight and play play play.


Scott Mann


So no Cruise Lite,  No MiniCommander2 ???

That is NOT good news.   I hope you can add those or "S" gauge upgrades will not happen.




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