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gunrunnerjohn posted:
sdmann posted:
Out of the various mini commanders, which one, if only 1 could be made, would be the one that has the most universal usage?

My other choice is the Mini Commander ACC.  It appears from my examination of both the ACC and HC versions that the only difference is a more robust triac on the HC version, they're the same PCB and code from all appearances.  That's a modification that folks could do "in the field" if they needed the HC version, so stocking the MC-ACC would appear to be the best path.  The MC-ACC is the key to doing a lot of TMCC controlled accessories and rolling stock, so it rates high on my list.

So, my vote would be for these two.

Mini Commander II

Mini Commander ACC

Thanks for listening, and a BIG Thank You for picking up the ERR product line!

While I can't speak for the Mini Commander II, I will second the Mini Commander ACC.  Thanks John for nominating these.



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