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Out of the various mini commanders, which one, if only 1 could be made, would be the one that has the most universal usage?

One other point that I was going to mention in the product line.  I'm a bit surprised that the DC Commander is all that popular, considering that the Cruise Commander offers a major step-up in performance.  I understand the AC Commander being included, it's a unique product that doesn't have an alternative.  Do the sales of the DC Commander vs. the Cruise Commander really justify keeping that in the product line?

Just curious, I've only used a couple of these over the years, most folks opt for the Cruise Commander.

The DC commander like the AC commander is a price point for some and also if your not running up and down grades the cruise is not really that important to someone that basically has a flat layout. Yes the cruise is a better product but some don't need it. and some the price difference is enough to let them do the upgrade and purchase the railsounds also due to limited cash available for other things. I don't remember the exact difference but I believe it was like $50.00 which might not be a lot to you, but is to some. And if you can do without it or don't need it, why buy it. There must be enough that do use it, to make it a decision to keep it. 

I use the DC commander due to I like my trains to pull the hills slower. I have a 7 inch difference but it's over 25 feet of track and I only run short trains of 1 powered engine, 1 or more dummy engines and 15 scale cars. Also I like the ability to add the DC commander or dummy controller to a engine and then at a later date add the RS.  I have many dummy engines with sound and run them with engines that have no room for the RS unit.  I still need 6 or more DC commanders and 2 AC commanders and 6 dummy units plus RS for them.  I plan to purchase these TMCC products over the need few years.  I have the money to  purchase any new engine from any of the manufactures that I want But I have more fun up dating my old engines and the used engines that I purchase to TMCC.

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